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Stepping Stone

Expansion Plan raises emotional intensity of Hillside Residents!


Rose Hill Cottage
is Historic District Property listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Both the Mansion and the Carriage House are contributing structures of the Hillside Historic District as listed in the National register.

Hillside residents first learned of the extent of the expansion plan of NAFI Stepping Stone on June 11, at a reception and informational presentation at the Rose Hill Mansion.
Stepping Stone, the local program of the North American Family Institute (NAFI), is currently a 22 bed secured facility dealing with delinquent youthful female offenders between the ages of 12 and 16.  The facility is housed in the historic Rose Hill "Cottage", a local mansion listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Also on the property is a large carriage house which once housed the now famous horse of Rose Hill resident Carrie Welton, Knight, who is immortalized by the Horse fountain on the East side of the Waterbury Green.
Both the Main Mansion and the Carriage House are contributing structures to the Hillside Historic District as listed in the National Register.
In the proposed expansion, NAFI proposes to preserve the Carriage House and convert the interior to an educational facility, built a gymnasium type structure to the south of the Carriage House, recessed into the sloping downward hillside almost to the point to where the roof of the gymnasium would be at a level of the lowest level of the Carriage House.
to the North of the Carriage House, NAFI proposes a two story housing unit for the 14 new residents, their dining facility and meeting rooms.
It is the two story dormitory building that creates the most concern for residents of the Historic District and members of the Historic District Association.
The topography of the area is a steep downhill slope behind the mansion, in which sits the Carriage House. The structure is below grade when viewing from the grounds of the mansion.
Hillside members are justifiably concerned about architectural competition of a large block structure within 50 feet of the Historic mansion.
Present at the meeting were about a dozen Hillside members, and an equal number of NAFI personnel including the NAFI architect and the NAFI founder.



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